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Circular Letter No: 7/VI/2015

August 27, 2015













In  Banking Industry, AIBEA-AIBOA-BEFI-INBOC-INBEF-NOBW-NOBO along with other organisations in RRB, Co-operative Sector, having unanimously decided to observe the 2nd September, 2015 strike on the following issues.


1.                 1.    Against the anti-worker, anti-people and pro corporate policies of the Central Government.

2.                  2.   Against the adverse amendments to the Labour Laws.

3.           3  Against retrograde Banking Reforms, attacks on Trade Union rights and demands of Bank employees and Bank officers


In support of Charter of Demands of CTUs.


In response to the strike notice served by the 7 Unions, there was a conciliatory meeting at New Delhi convened by Labour Ministry on 24th August, 2015.  The meeting was participated by the officials of Finance Ministry, Labour Ministry, IBA, besides the representatives from Trade Union Organisations.  The approach was more of explanatory in nature with an appeal not to resort to the All India Strike on 02.09.2015.  The undersigned participated on behalf of our organisation.


The stage is set.  The strike will be a total one in our Nation.  100 million workers will observe the strike programmes.  Keeping in mind the past practice, we advise the Units to follow the directions.


[1]        The second officers and other key holders of the Branch should inform the Branch Incharge about their participation in the strike on 02.09.2015 and request them to make arrangements to collect the keys from them. The keys to be handedover with proper acknowledgement.


[2]        The Branch Manager in turn should inform the controlling office to make arrangements to collect the keys from the branch.


Units / State Committees are to adhere to the instructions without any deviation and make the strike on 02.09.2015 a memorable one.


Yours comradely,





Circular No.13/VI/2015

August 21, 2015






Dear comrades,





AIBOA, looking into various developments in our Industry, felt the need of demanding “Regulated working hours” for officers as one of the important demand in our Silver Jubilee Conference held at Delhi in the first quarter of 2006.


2.         It was brought to the knowledge of other Officers’ Organisations during the course of finalising the Charter of Demands in the VI Joint Note exercise at Hyderabad and submitted to the then Chairman of IBA Mr.M.B.N.Rao, CMD of Canara Bank.  IBA was reluctant to address the problems, at that point of time.


3.         Our organisation had participated in the All India Stay out Strike in February 2013 and in reply to the strike notice filed before CLC[C], IBA had responded vide their letter dated 13.02.2013 to the demand that the Banks are functioning only for 4 hours on Saturdays instead of normal working hours.


4.         Looking to the varieties of changes in the work processes, 66% of Banking services are handled through alternative delivery channels, controller of the Banking system having 5 days working, owner of the Banking system having regulated working hours of 8 hours and 5 days a week, markets operations are in force for 5 days made the Bankmen to take up the demand more vigorously during the current wage revision exercise.  23.02.2015 was the day, the news was broken that the authorities at Government level conceded partially to the demand of 5 days a week.  In exchange of 2 days holidays ie; on 2nd and 4th Saturdays, the other Saturdays in the month will be full working days ie; 6-1/2 hours of work.  In the negotiation table, it was informed by IBA team, that the value of the two days holidays is equivalent to 1.81% of payslip components.


5.         The Government of India has released the notification yesterday, ie; the effect of the new service condition will be from 01.09.2015.  We are to pursue the demand of converting the partially achieved 2 days Saturday holidays to a full fledged one.


The vision of Late Com.RJS has been pursued with sincerity and successfully achieved.


Yours comradely,









Circular Letter No. 6/VI/2015

Camp: Bengaluru16.08.2015


Dear Comrades,



1.         The 4th Central Committee of AIBOA held at Mumbai on 20th and 21st  June 2015decided to establish the “Private Sector Bank Officers’ Forum” at the earliest possible time. At the CC venue itself, the preparatory exercise commenced, in an exclusive meeting participated by the Office bearers of our affliates of  Private Sector Bank Officers’ Organization, under the banner of AIBOA.

2.         Com.Venkatesh Babu, Vice-President AIBOA was taking all steps to bring the representatives to have the preparatory exercise to establish the “Forum” and accordingly, a meeting of four affiliates’ representatives was held today at Bengaluru at All India Vysya Bank Officers’ Association at Tyagaraja Nagar, Bengaluru.

3.         The meeting commenced at 11.00 am under Presidentship of Com.Venkatesh Babu, Vice-President of AIBOA. Com.A.N.Suresh, Joint Secretary AIBOA also participated. The proceedings were initiated by lightening the traditional lamp by the General Secretaries of Private Sector Bank Officers’ Associations along with the undersigned.

4.         There was a detailed deliberation by the participants on recruitment, working conditions, transfer issues, environment, outsourcing of jobs, cross selling of the products, promotion related issues, performance bonus as well as bandings and 2nd and 4th Saturdays holidays etc.

5.         All the representatives presented their view points on the agenda   placed for discussions.  Com.A.N.Suresh, Joint Secretary AIBOA was forceful in his presentation and reiterated the need to organize the CTC Officers under trade union lines as the conditions of employment are highly demanding in the present day competitive Banking, leading to job losses.

6.         In the post lunch session a resolution was placed to establish the “Private Sector Bank Officers’ Forum”  with an aim to co-ordinate with the affiliates, and also with other forums.                                                                                                          

7.         The newly founded forum is having the office bearers/CC members proposed by the undersigned for the adoption by the participants.

CHAIRMAN                           :  Com.R.Venkatesh Babu (Kotak Mahindra Bank)
CONVENOR                         : Com.K.Raghava (Karnataka Bank Ltd)
JOINT CONVENOR:          : Com.Suresh Gupta (J& K Bank Ltd)
CC Members:                      : 1Com. S.A.Sridhar (Kotak Mahindra Bank )
                                                  2.Com. Arvind Chougale (RBL Bank Ltd.)
                                                  3.Com.Prabhat Singh Jamwal (J &K Bank Ltd.)
                                                  4.Com.B.Jayarama Naik (Karnataka Bank Ltd.)
                                                  5.Com.Dilipkumar Dari (RBL Bank Ltd.)

The above proposal was unanimously accepted.

8.         The meeting had the benefit of the address by Com.K.Raghava, Convenor   and Com.Venkatesh Babu, Chairman “Private Sector Bank Officers’ Forum” to work towards achieving greater heights  to secure the job and job security to one and all.

9.     The meeting concluded with certain clarifications from the undersigned on “2nd and 4th Saturday holidays and call to observe 2nd September 2015 the national strike along with CTUs.

Onward march to further consolidation of officers under the banner of AIBOA.

Yours comradely,



Circular Letter No.5/VI/2015

August 6, 2015















The 11 CTUs viz., BMS, INTUC, AITUC, HMS, CITU, AIUTUC, TUCC, SEWA, AICCTU, UTUC, LPF along with All India Federations of Banks, Insurance, Defence, Railways, Central/State Government Employees and other Service establishments conducted a National Convention of workers on 26th May 2015 at Malvankar Hall, Delhi.  AIBOA was represented by Com.Alok Khare, Vice Chairman, Com.S.S.Shishodia, President, Com.M.A.Srinivasan, Deputy General Secretary, Com.Sanjay Khan, Joint Secretary besides the undersigned.


2.         The National Convention adopted a declaration listing out the following demands.


            i]          Control the Price Rise

            ii]         Contain the unemployment

            iii]        Strict implementation of Labour Laws

            iv]        Halt the mass scale contractualisation

            v]         Ensure minimum wage of not less than Rs.15000/-

            vi]        Extend Universal social security benefits

            vii]       Pension for all including unorganised workers

            viii]      Compulsory registration of TUs within 45 days

            ix]        Immediate ratification of ILO convention 87 and 98

            x]         Halting the the FDI in Defence /Railways / Insurance

            xi]        Attempts to disinvest the Government equity in Public Sector Banks

                        xii]       Attack on agriculturists through Land acquisition bill promulgamated

through ordinance…… etc.,


3.         As on date, there are 44 Labour Laws.  Massive exercises are already afoot to bunch the same into 5 distinct ones encompassing, wages, Industrial Relations, Social Security, Safety and Employment.  At present, there is no need to have the official sanction where the establishment is engaging 100 members to close down now it is proposed to enhance the number of workers to 300.  Where an establishment is employing less than 40, they are not to comply with the existing labour laws.  The cabinet has approved to employ children below 14 years of age to work after school hours in family enterprises or the entertainment Industry


4.         As far as our Industry is concerned “Gyan Sangam” meet at Pune in the first week of January 2015, clearly signalled the desire and decision of the Government to bulldoze the plan of consolidation and various working groups have been appointed to role out the blueprints to achieve their targets.  The then IBA Chairman prior to his appointment as one of commissioner in CVC, present the blue print on “Bank consolidation” too.  The working groups are already on the job to take our Industry to the path of partial/full privatisation mode.


5.         AIBOA, the second largest organisation of Bank Officers , also decided to present the issue of non implementation of understandings in the matter 2nd / 4th Saturdays and also the right of representation of AIBOA affiliate Units in the individual Banks level, as our issues.




6.         Our organisation known for its steadfast approach in identifying with the struggling masses did participate in the two days strike on 20-21 February 2013, along with other constituents of UFBU.


Having sensed the moves of the Government,  as anti labour and anti peoples and Bank officers can not remain aloof, apart and away from the common struggles of the workers decided in the CC held at Mumbai to observe the “2nd September 2015 Strike”, along with other organisations.


v                                   Jobs and Job Security are at Stake


v                                                                  Hence move collectively to observe the strike on 2nd September 2015 without any deviation.


Yours comradely,






Circular No.12/VI/2015

June 24, 2015












As decided by the AIBOA Secretariat in the meeting held at Mumbai on 25.05.2015, the 4th Central Committee meeting was held at Mumbai on 20th and 21st June 2015.


2.         The meeting were conducted by the Joint Presidium of Com.Alok Khare Vice Chairman and Com.S.S.Shishodia, President of our organisation.


3.         The Office Bearers meeting was held prior to Central Committee to report about the role of our organisation in clinching 7th Joint Note on officer wage revision to arrive at a proper plan of action in the matter of holding the overdue State Committee conferences and expeditious steps to complete the process of unification of officers in Punjab and Sind Bank under one banner.


4.         The Central Committee commenced its proceedings at 5th floor, Kamanwala Chamber, Sir P.M.Road, Mumbai at 15.45 hrs.  After the Welcome address by Com.Rajan Chandorkar, Chairman, Maharashtra State Committee of AIBOA, followed by Com.Narendra Kotiawala, Joint Secretary, AIBOA and in charge of Maharashtra State of AIBOA, flower bouquets were presented to Principal Office Bearers and Roses to participants. 


5.         Com.Vishwas Utagi, General Secretary, MSBEF  true to the avowed objective to make “working together works” in response to necessities of the time, a best model State Unit of AIBEA and also AIBOA, in his short, sharp and pointed presentation unfolded the stark realities. viz., facing the uncertainties in our Industry, need to move closer to combat the attacks of the owners in the background of implementing the proposals of “Gyan Sangam” meet, role of the twin organisations in achieving the wage revision for the workforce in the Banking Industry, demanding actions against the large borrowers who failed to clear the Bank loans etc.  He appealed to the members of the Central Committee to be prepared in readiness to face challenges of the times in unison and halt the moves of present Government.


6.         The CC commenced its proceedings after paying rich tributes to the departed leaders, personalities in all walks of life by observing two minutes silence.  The proceedings of the 3rd Central Committee held at Kolkata in September 2014 were placed by Com.M.A.Srinivasan, Dy.Gen.Secretary for the information and adoption by the house.  The proceedings were confirmed and adopted unanimously.


7.         As the developments between the last CC held at Kolkata and till Mumbai, particularly centering round the current wage revision, the General Secretary presented the events in a chronological order to CC members,  Com.Alok Khare, Vice Chairman supplemented further details to the house, the collective efforts made by team to realise the 7th Joint Note.  Thirteen CC members participated in the discussion.  While folding up the “wage revision topic”, the detailed clarifications were given.  Certain issues, which are all requiring clarifications and resolution, it was decided to take up the same with IBA.  The CC unanimously resolved to hail the settlement and the significant role played by our organisation in partial realisation of the demand of “5 days week”, uniform minimum increase of “2% + 7.75%” throughout the scale [ie] Scale I to Scale VII, introduction of insurance backed hospitalisation scheme by adopting the same in the Industry excepting in the SBI.


8.         LEVY – After a detailed clarification for a query raised by the participants, it was unanimously decided to collect the contribution from the members @ 4% of arrears payable on NET amount ie; [Gross –PF –Taxes] to be shared @ 1% equally by base unit/All India Federation/AIBOA State Committees/AIBOA Central Office.


9.         Formation of Private Sector Bank Forum – This CC had the opportunity of 4 Private Sector Bank representatives participating in our deliberations.  As decided in our 3rd CC meeting at Kolkata, in terms of discussion held amongst them, the Private Sector Forum under our banner will be formed at Bengaluru and dates will be mutually decided amongst the representatives shortly.


10.       The second day session commenced at 09.30 am.  An exclusive audience of Office Bearers was provided to the Presidents and General Secretaries of both the Federations of Punjab and Sind Bank Officers to work out the “ways” and “means” of the process of unification of the membership in Punjab and Sind Bank.  After hearing the representatives it was unanimously felt that the affairs of the unification exercise should be handled by AIBOA in a time bound manner.


11.       The CC recommenced at 11.30 am on the second day.  On utilisation of RJS Bhavan it was reiterated that each affiliated unit should necessarily utilise the Institute for the purpose of conducting their CC meeting, once in 18 months, Defence Training and also for organisational meetings to keep the expenditure vis-a-vis the earnings at breakeven point.


12.       Two Roses – Units are appealed to enhance the number of subscribers from the present level 6600 to 10000  and there is an urgent need to take this organisational task as a prioritised one, as the Magazine has got wide appreciation in midst of the readers at large, though the cost of operations is substantially high.


13.       Adoption of Accounts Com.G.Gunasekaran, Treasurer presented the audited accounts for the year ending 31.12.2014.  After certain clarification on the “Two Roses” break up details submitted to the committee, as requested in the Kolkata central committee, and also on the donations made by AIBOA  the accounts was adopted unanimously.


14.       On conclusion of the agenda listed in the notice, participants in CC were advised to present their view points.  Twenty six comrades participated in the discussion, providing the sufficient time to express their view points. This Central Committee was participated by representatives of Nineteen State Committees and eighteen affiliates.  President and General Secretary Jammu and Kashmir Bank Officers’ Association participated after an interval.


A pointed and precise reply was presented to the CC.


The decisions of the Central Committee are:


[a]        [a]  The CC unanimously hailed the role of AIBOA in its journey to realise the wage revision for the entire community with the adverse environment prevailing in the Industry. The CC placed on record the sheet anchor role play by Com.D.Raja, M.P. in realising the demand of the Bankmen as a whole.


[b]       [b]  AIBOA men and women will participate in the National Strike on 02.09.2015, thereby identifying with the common men struggles of our Nation.


[c]        [c]  On the Strike call by AIBEA on 24.06.2015, in support of SSBEA demands, AIBOA will extend moral support and will not do any clerical work on the strike day [ AIBEA has however subsequently postponed the strike call ].


[d]       [d]  On attack on Officers’ community in Bank of Maharashtra, the CC decided to take up with all concerned authorities and more particularly to communicate to SLBC leader [ie] Chairman, Bank of Maharashtra to halt the attack on the officers in the Industry.


[e]        [e]  The recent termination of the leader in Dhanalakshmi Bank on a purported plea of “loss of confidence” is a new twist by the management, requires unequivocal condemnation, as the principles of natural justice has been thrown to winds.  CC decided that “Dhanalakshmi Bank” should be taken over by a Public Sector Bank instead of by a new generation of Private Sector Banks.


[f]        [f]  The overdue State Committee conferences of Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, UP and Odissa should be held on or before 31.07.2015 failing which the State Committees will stand automatically dissolved with effect from 01.08.2015 and the affairs of the State Committee will be taken up for appropriate action for revitalisation of the same by AIBOA.  The post held by the Punjab and Sind Bank in the State Committees will be kept vacant.


[g]       [g]  The contribution / levy to be collected from the arrears payable to officers @ 4% from the net arrears to be shared in the ratio of 1:1:1:1 [ie] base/All India Federation/State Committee of AIBOA/AIBOA.


[h]       [h]  The Private Sector Forum for officers under our banner will be established / formed at the earliest and not later than 30.09.2015.  The responsibility to conduct the first meeting has been undertaken by All India ING Vysya Bank Officers’ Federation.


[i]         [i]  The unification exercise has been put in place of the both Federations operating in Punjab and Sind Bank and the process will be completed within three months by the Central office of AIBOA.


[j]         [j]  An affiliate of us “ADB Officers’ Union” for which ratification of the same is yet to be sought, from the CC.   Before the same, the Bank is facing a merger with the parent organisation.  The staff  are facing the retrenchment with effect from 01.07.2015.




True to the conviction and determination to keep the flag of AIBOA to fly aloft, Rs.4 lacs contribution towards “Tarak Institute” in February 2006, Rs.1 lac contribution to the installation of the bust size of the statue of Com.RJS in 2015, the effortless manner the “Team AIBOA Maharashtra” carried the tasks of handling the affairs swiftly and also with precision with least strain on the individuals deserve to be recorded in glittering letters in the onward march of the movement of AIBOA.


The team work is unique and worth remembering.


Conclusion - Comrade, Alok Khare, Vice Chairman in his precise concluding remarks made fine expressions of our performance and also the tasks to be undertaken by us with urgency.  He complimented the role of Team Maharashtra for a wonderful execution of the assignment in a short time.


Onward  march to 2nd September 2015, National Strike.



Yours comradely,




Circular No. 11/VI/2015

May 25, 2015


                                                                                                                                                                                                                            CAMP:  MUMBAI                                         





Dear Comrades








31 months of long journey  commenced on 30th Oct 2012 has ultimately ended by inking the 7th Joint note in the Banking Industry today at Mumbai, benefitting 3,04,090 Officers.


IBA team was led by Shri T M Bhasin, Chairman IBA (CMD Indian Bank), Shri Ashwini Kumar, Chairman Sub Committee on Officers’ demands/issues & CMD Dena Bank, , Shri Shyam Srinivasan CEO Federal Bank, Shri Animesh Chauhan MD & CEO OBC, , Shri Ashwini Mehra  DMD SBI, Shri M V Tanksale CEO IBA, Shri K Unnikrishnan Dy CEO IBA, Shri K S Chauhan Senior Vice President, HR & IR IBA besides back up team of HR Dept members of IBA.


AIBOA team was led by Com Alok Khare, Vice Chairman, Com S S Shishodia President, Dr Kumar Arvind Vice President, Com M A Srinivasan Dy Gen Secy, Com S N Dutta Dy Gen Secy, Com G Gunasekaran Treasurer, Com Narendra Kotiawala Jt Secy besides the undersigned.


After the brief exchange of pleasantries on the happy occasion of concluding the discussions on the wage revision and service conditions of the Bank men,  reiterating the concern to protect , promote and preserve the Public Sector Banks and work towards strengthening and raising to standard of participation of the banks in Nation Building Exercises, in midst of mounting NPAs, due to economic conditions in our country. Then  the representatives of the unions and IBA inked the Joint Note, thus ended the long drawn process of wage negotiation in the industry.


The salient features of the Joint Note signed are  :


a)      a]Shifting the system of arriving at the wage load on Pay slip components instead of the earlier exercise of total overall load on establishment expenses.


b)     b]Due to the capping of 2% over 60.15%  DA merger with the existing Basic Pay for the purpose of construction of new Basic Pay, a new element/component with a nomenclature  as “Special Allowance attracting DA” is introduced. A minimum of 9.75% uniform increase has been  ensured to all Officers in the industry.


c)      c]The frozen CCA of earlier Joint note has been defrezed /enhanced this time, as there was a demand by AIBOC to merge with HRA like workmen, in the earlier Joint Note exercise in 2010. Only 54% of Officers are getting CCA.


d)     d]The quantum of HRA due to 163.335% rise in the existing basic pay would automatically enhance the HRA. Still, we have added 0.5% in all three areas benefitting 55% of the Officers in the industry.


e)      e]There is an increase in FPP, PQP and also in the medical aid available yearly.


      f]AIBOA, in its silver jubilee conference held at New Delhi in February  2006, realizing the ever increasing workload of Officers gave a call for “ Regulated working hours” and “5 days a week”. Now keeping the interest  of “GENNEXT” Officers in mind  on whose shoulders the burden of building the public sector banks rests, 2nd and 4th Saturdays will be declared as holidays and in lieu of it 1st and 3rd  Saturdays will be full working days.  5th Saturday of the month will be full working day. It was assured on 23rd Feb 2015, while drawing the MOU, after 6 to 12 months, subject to review,  the matter would be revisited. Hence the vision of late Com “RJS” is  fulfilled to quench the thirst of the new generation of Bank Workers to initiate new process of work – life balancing exercise to a great extent. This is another great achievement of AIBOA.


g)     g]Insurance backed hospitalization was also brought as a part of the settlement to the total workforce of the industry except to SBI workforce. It is going to be a new experiment, however  the workforce in the industry has to deal with the Bank only.


To put in a nutshell, a per capita increase of Rs 80,720/= per annum is available. A unique step forward has been made in the matter of D & A regulations and regulated working hours for Officers. The process has been set in motion. Other issues pertaining to the Officers’ community has to be taken forward after discussing the same in our central committee. The issues raised on behalf of the retirees has not  progressed well but a record of proceedings was signed by all the Negotiating Unions to work out the ways and means to address the pressing problems.


IBA has agreed to advise the Banks to release the arrears from 01.11.2012 to 31.05.2015 at the earliest. AIBOA secretariat which met at Mumbai has decided to call upon the Officers for a 4% levy after tax to be shared equally between base/State/All India Federation and AIBOA. In addition  an amount of Rs 1000/= may please be paid to “AIBOA Unorganised Sector Relief Fund” as a good will gesture, to fulfill  the dream of Late Com RJS. We call upon the members and units to fulfill the financial obligations without fail, as this is a main fulcrum to keep the “Tarak Institute” in perfect condition.


The role played by Com D Raja, M P on 18.02.2015 setting the stage to clinch the wage settlement to 8 lacs workforce by leading the delegation of “AIBEA & AIBOA” principal Office bearers to The Hon Finance  Minister Shri  Arun Jaitley was noteworthy. Our red salute to the sterling role played by him in our industry.


Congratulations!! Your unflinching loyalty to AIBOA and its role to achieve a meaningful wage settlement is once again demonstrated .






Yours Comradely






Encl: Annexure


1.      Scale of Pay:


Scale I     :   23700  - 980 (7) – 30560 -1145 (2) - 32850-1310 (7) - 42020

                        Scale II    :   31705 – 1145 (1) – 32850 – 1310 (10) - 45950

                        Scale III   :  42020 – 1310 (5) – 48570 – 1460 (2) - 51490

                                Scale IV      50030 – 1460 (4) – 55870 – 1650 (2) - 59170

                        Scale V    :   59170 – 1650 (2) – 62470 – 1800 (2) - 66070

                        Scale VI  :    68680 – 1960 (4) - 76520

                        Scale VII :    76520 – 2120 (4) – 85000


2. &nbnbsp;    STAGNATION INCREMENT: -


Scale  I   4 increments once in 3 years

Scale II  4 increments (3 increments once in 3 yrs & 1 increment after 2 yrs) DOE – 01 5 2015.

Scale III 5 increments (4 increments once in 3 yrs & 1 increment after 2 yrs) D O E – 01 05 2015

Scale IV 1 increment once in three years  DOE 01 05 2015


3.      D A     @ 0.10% for every 4 points rise.


4.      H R A:  from 01.11.2012


Major A:         9%

Area I   :         8%

Others  :         7%

5.      C C A from 01.11.2012:


Area I:                4% MAX    Rs 870

Others:   3% MAX    Rs 600


6.      Special allowance from 01.11.2012:


Scale  I  to  III                         7.75%  +  DA 

Scale  IV & V                          10%     +  DA

Scale  VI & VII                                   11%     +  DA


7.      PF from 01.11.2012                10%


8.      Medical Aid:               Scale I to III:   Rs 8000/=

                                       IV & above:    Rs 9050/=


9.      Recovery of House /Furniture Rent :

0.75% and 0.15% of the first stage of Basic Pay.


10.  FPP from 01.11.2012:


Basic Comp                DA                  Total

1310                            143                  1453

1460                            159                  1619

1650                            180                  1830

1800                            196                  1996

1960                            214                  2174

2120                            231                  2351


11.  PQP  from 01.11.2012:

Part I: Rs   670 pm

Part II: Rs 1680 pm


12.  Deputation Allowance:


Outside the organization:  7.75% max Rs 4000/= pm

Inside the organization:     4.00% max Rs 2000/= pm


13.  Hill & Fuel Allowance from 01.11.2012:


1000 mtrs to 1500 mtrs:         2%  Max Rs 750/= pm

1500 mtrs to 3000 mtrs:         2.5% max Rs 1000/= pm

Above 3000 mtrs:                   5%  max  Rs 2000/= pm


14.  Special Area Allowance w.e.f 01.11.2012:


15.  Mode of travel:/LFC

LFC monetization: 100% of the eligible fare.

Monthly income Rs 10,000/= (aggregate of both parents)


16.  Project Area Allowance:   Group A: Rs 400/ p m

       Group B: Rs 350/ p m


17.  Mid Academic Transfer Allowance:             Rs 1100/= p m DOE 01 6 2015


18.  Split Duty Allowance:                                               Rs   200/= p m



19.  Compensation on transfer: [D O E 01 06 2015]


Scale I to III:   Rs 15000/=

IV & above:    Rs 20,000/=


20.  Improvements in Leave:


Special leave upto 30 days for donation of organs in the service.

Paternity leave for 15 days

Child adoption leave maximum period of 6 months.

Privilege leave accumulation upto 270 days  encashment upto 240 days.


21.  2nd a d 4th Saturdays –Holidays


           Notification from the Government is awaited.

Circular No.10/VI/2015                                                                                                                                          nbsp;                                         May 20,2015
                                                                                                                 Camp :Mumbai                                                                                                           

To All Units / State Committees                                                                                              

Dear Comrades,

·                                                          Understanding reached on financial components of wage revision.

·                                                                  7th Joint Note to be inked on 25th May 2015 at Mumbai

Today, the penultimate round on the current wage revision was held at IBA Office, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai at 2.30 p.m. The IBA team was led by Shri Arun Tiwari, CMD, Union Bank, Shri Ashwini Mehra, DMD, SBI, Shri M. V. Tanksale, CEO, IBA, Shri K. Unnikrishnan, Dy. CEO, IBA, Shri K. S. Chauhan, Vice President, HR & IR, IBA besides the support team of IBA.

Preceding the discussions, there was a preliminary round in which Com. Alok Khare, Vice Chairman, besides the undersigned with the other organizational representatives participated in the exercise.

CEO, IBA while welcoming the representatives of the officers organisations expressed his happiness in the matter of reaching the understandings on distribution of the financial benefits to the officers based on the MOU inked on 23rd February 2015. He emphasized the need to protect and promote the public sector banks image in the eyes of the common man of the country. He also expressed the need to take forward the message of building a sense of belonging to the members of the officers community. Shri Arun Tiwari, CMD, UBI was categorical that the work force needs to be satisfied first through whom the image building and the involvement to build the public sector banks would become possible. Representatives of the four officers organisations responded positively to the observations and expressions made by the members of the IBA team. The agreed load was distributed amongst the pay slip components through mutual discussion and the chart of allocation was signed by the both the parties. The details are as under :

1.       Basic  Pay  –   Scale I     - 23700  - 980(7) – 30560 -1145(2)-32850-1310(7)-42020

                                Scale II    - 31705-1145(1)-32850-1310(10)-45950

                                Scale III   - 42020-1310(5)-48570-1460(2)-51490

                                Scale IV   - 50030-1460(4)-55870-1650(2)-59170

                                Scale V    - 59170 -1650(2)-62470-1800(2)-66070

                                Scale VI   - 68680-1960(4)-76520

                                Scale VII  - 76520-2120(4)-85000

2.       Dearness Allowance - @0.10% per slab above CPI 4440 currently - 33.70%

3.       Addl Stagnation increment - Scale II – 1,       Scale III-1,       Scale IV-1 (periodicity once in two years)

4.       CCA                                        - Higher Area 4% - 870, Lower Area 3% - 600

5.       HRA                                        - Major A class – 9%, Area I – 8%, other places -7%

6.       Medical Aid                           - Scale I to III – Rs.8000, Scale IV and above – Rs. 9050

7.       Special Allowance               - Scale I to III – 7.75%, Iv & V – 10%, VI & VII – 11%

                 (it attracts Dearness Allowance)

The approval related to holidays on 2nd & 4th Saturdays is pending with Government Authorities for their approval and notification. Comrades, efforts are taken to give true reflection of the above in the joint note coupled with particulars related to other service conditions too. Various suggestions have been made by officers organizations to IBA on these matters.

 We shall convey the full details of the joint notes once the same is finally inked on 25th May 2015 at Mumbai.

Yours Comradely,





April 18, 2015





Dear Comrades, 




40 years back, on the same date, we lost one of precious jewel of the middle class Trade Union movement of the Country, Com.H.L.Parvana, In the words ofCom.Prabhat Kar..


'" .....He was the life and soul of AIBEA centre. His dedication to the cause and thoroughness of minutest details are unparalleled. In every dimension of work of AIBEA, he was indispensable. In movement, in agitation, in campaign, in negotiations, in settling differences and solving problems his unique contribution was visible. As an agitator, organiser, as a leader conversant with every sphere of Trade union movement, his imprint was distinct. He was a comrade with clarity, with vision and a comrade who never knew tiredness." 


We pay our respectful homage to the great son of India, who stood taller by his contribution to the society at large and to the nation through strengthening the Public Sector Banking concept.  He was dismissed from bank's service for organising the trade union in Punjab National Bank. He was the one who had unique distinction of remembrance and respect from all sections of the society, that the newspapers of Delhi was not published on 19th April,1975,as a mark of respect, next to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the Prime Minister of the Country in 1964. dismissed from bank's service for organising the trade union in Punjab National Bank. He was the one who had unique distinction of remembrance and respect from all sections of the society, that the newspapers of Delhi was not published on 19th April,1975,as a mark of respect, next to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the Prime Minister of the Country in 1964.


 "The trade union is an instrument for social Change", saying by the architect of alternative model of goverence by the class struggles. This expressions aptly suits to long travel of the five magic letters of middle class trade union  organisation of the Bankmen of our nation VIZ; AIBEA. There is certainly a need to look back to the history to understand the path traversed by the great movement from various circumstances.The trade union is an instrument for social Change", saying by the architect of alternative model of goverence by the class struggles. This expressions aptly suits to long travel of the five magic letters of middle class trade union  organisation of the Bankmen of our nation VIZ; AIBEA. There is certainly a need to look back to the history to understand the path traversed by the great movement from various circumstances.


ROME WAS NOT BUILT OVER NIGHT BUT BRICK BY BRICK:  The colonial rule established through trade and commerce, by the East India Company, led to the establishment of Banks in India, which also attracted individual Indians to establish the Banks. In the international arena, the Great October Revolution in Soviet Russia in 1917,sparked the fire for initiating independence struggles. The first and foremost trade union organisation in pre independent India was established in October 1920, the AITUC,  was a milestone in the advancement of Trade union, an inspiration instilled in the young minds.  The Quit India Movement, the naval mutiny and also the freedom struggles were the stepping stones for the foundation of AIBEA.


In this background, unable to bear the brunt and inhuman behaviour of Bank Managements in various parts of the country, to secure the job security with dignity, the first trade union of Bankmen was founded on 20th April,1946, in the colonial control. The birth place was naturally Bengal, which produced nobel men and women for the betterment of our dear Nation. Com.Prabhat Kar, who took all the pains to organise the 20th April,1946, in the colonial control. The birth place was naturally Bengal, which produced nobel men and women for the betterment of our dear Nation. Com.Prabhat Kar, who took all the pains to organise the Bank employees in the State of Bengal, was an employee of The Llyods Bank Ltd. For upholding the values and also protest against wrong application of law to deny the reasonable wages to the workforce in Central Bank of India, a solidarity strike call was  given by the Bengal State Federation under his leadership led to his dismissal from bank service. He took all the pains to organise the bankmen by his organisational tours continuously. In the year 1953, he took the reins of the bankmen movement, as the General Secretary of AIBEA, effectively led and powerfully presented the arguments before the tribunals. During the two decades of journey from 1946 to 1966, the various forms of struggles launched by him inside the courts and outside in the streets, won the right of negotiation through bilateral agreements. First and Second bilateral settlements in 1966 and 1970 were of significant in nature and contents. The role played by the TWINS Com.Prabhat kar and Com.H.L.Parvana in the Bank Nationalisation struggle led to the division in the ruling party and also tremendous capacity to repulse back when the powerful lobby of Industrialists opposed the Bank Nationalisation through legal recourse. Not only extended organisational support to realise the demand for the Welfare of the nation through Nationalisation, but also ensured workers participation in th Banks Board by an innovative idea at that point of time.  TWINS Com.Prabhat kar and Com.H.L.Parvana in the Bank Nationalisation struggle led to the division in the ruling party and also tremendous capacity to repulse back when the powerful lobby of Industrialists opposed the Bank Nationalisation through legal recourse. Not only extended organisational support to realise the demand for the Welfare of the nation through Nationalisation, but also ensured workers participation in th Banks Board by an innovative idea at that point of time. 


During the emergency time, the target of attack was on AIBEA and its leadership by the adversaries within and also by the Government too. He withstood along with Com.D.P.Chadha, one more captain added to the list of leaders par excellence. It was in the post emergency period, to realise the demand of wage revision, an indefinite strike call in January 1979 was given during the Janata Party Government. All the operating unions in the Industry were to plunge into action, but the then AICOBOO backtracked. It was the part of deceptive game backed up by the Government. Not deterred by the sudden turn of events, one day prior to the indefinite call, a settlement was clinched, by Com.Prabhat kar with the help of late Mohan Dharia.


In the 1980 Conference held at Allahabad, saw emergence of another towering personality Com.Tarakeswar Chakraborti as General Secretary of AIBEA to lead the movement from 1980 to 2003. Fourth Bipartite settlement was signed on 16th September,1984 without even a day’s strike in the Industry. That was the sharp tactics of the leaders who were heading the movement.


THE NEED TO ORGANISE THE OFFICERS WAS FELT AND REALISED: Whether AIBEA acted as a splitter ? The answer is NO.To develop the militancy coupled with the working relationship with workmen, AIBOA was founded, which Government and Managements never wanted. The fundamental principle is “working together works”. Com.Prabhatda was a really a visionary leader, par excellence.  The birth of AIBOA was the brainchild of Com.Prabhat Kar, who was the founder President of AIBOA. He ensured that AIBOA enters the negotiation table by submitting the first charter of demands on 26th June 1984. The joint strike call of AIBEA and AIBOA brought the benefit of first joint note on officers wage revision in August 1985 in the Industry.


 The struggles led to pin point the ills of the Industry right from 1985,publication of defaulters lists and leading Parliament Morcha to draw the attention of the common men of the nation were note worthy. Securing the benefit of “cradle to grave” Pension Scheme in the Industry in 1993 and also 2010 to the Bankmen by AIBEA was fully backed up by AIBOA. It was richly acknowledged by the General Secretary in his Report presented in Jaipur conference in 1996, the role of AIBOA  standing firm to thwart the attack of JAC.


Contributions and achievements of AIBEA in building a fine value based society of Bankmen are worth mentioning. Fighting for Jobs and jobs security has become a perennial issue, right from the date of birth of AIBEA till date.


The powerful and magic five letters attracts the attention of everyone- young and old, poor and rich, employees and the retirees, and Government and managements.


The journey continues...... Caravan walks on...........  AIBEA....... March on.

AIBOA  expresses best of memories and wishes on the

70th Founding Day of AIBEA

 Yours Comradely,





Circular No.8/VI/2015

April 17, 2015







Dear Comrades,





Preceding the IBA meeting on 16th April, 2015, UFBU met at Maharastra State Bank Employees Federation Office at Fort Mumbai on 15.04.2015 at 18.00 hrs.  Our Organisation was represented by Com.Alok.Khare, Vice Chairman, Com.S.S.Shishodia, President besides the undersigned. All the constituents have participated in the meet.


1.         The following issues were discussed for taking up the same with IBA.


Ø  Improvements in the proposed Insurance backed Hospitalisation Scheme.

Ø  Four issues concerning the Retirees- [a] 100% D.A.Neutralisation for retirees prior to 1.11.2002; [b].Family Pension; [c]. Updation of Pension; [d]. Coverage of Hospitalisation to Retirees. [a] 100% D.A.Neutralisation for retirees prior to 1.11.2002; [b].Family Pension; [c]. Updation of Pension; [d]. Coverage of Hospitalisation to Retirees.

Ø  Constraints in construction of Pay scales with the condition of 2% loading 

Ø  Feasibility of converting the DA series from the base year of 1960 to 2001.


2.         The IBA subcommittee on Hospitalisation Scheme was headed by Shri.Arun Tiwari, Chairman Union Bank of India, Shri.Shailesh Verma CGM, SBI, Shri.B.S.Shekhawat, GM (HRD) CBI, Shri.M.V.Tanksale, CEO IBA, Shri K.Unnikrishnan Dy.CEO IBA besides HR officials of IBA. The representatives of all the eleven unions have participated.


3.         There was a detailed discussion on the Hospitalisation based on the documents provided by the IBA to all the unions.  Our organisation has forwarded the various suggestions on the scheme to IBA, earlier to the commencement of the discussions, The said communication addressed to the IBA is sent herewith. At the end, there are very many loose ends to be knitted to present a comprehensive and an improved beneficial scheme to the Bankmen at large.


4.         In the exclusive sub committee meeting of Officers, IBA team was headed by Shri. Ashwini Kumar Chairman Dena Bank, Smt.Indira Padmini, GM, IOB, Shri.B.S.Shekhwat, GM CBI besides the top officials and also of HR team of IBA,


5.         The talks continued on issues listed in the Charter of demands of officers. The discussions are progressing but inconclusive. The Officers’ organisations have requested for one more sitting to take forward the discussions preferably next week.


6.         We shall keep the units informed about the progress made to convert the MOU into 7th Joint Note.


Yours Comradely,