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Circular No.20/VII/2018

October 1, 2018







Dear Comrades,






The discussion on wage revision, which was delayed by a month, was held at IBA office on 29th September 2018 in the forenoon.  The Chairman, Negotiating Team, Shri.R.K.Takkar, was on Video Conference, as he was recouping after a brief hospitalization. Shri. Prashant Kumar CFO SBI, Shri.Rajkiran Rai, Chairman, Union Bank Of India, Shri. Shyam Srinivasan, MD&CEO, Federal Bank ,Shri.V.G.Kannan CEO IBA, Shri.B.Raj Kumar, Dy.CEO,IBA, Shri.S.K.Kakkar Sr.Advisor ,Shri.K.S.Chauhan Advisor HR&IR, and other officials of HR department of IBA. The representatives from nine constituents attended the meeting.


2.  While initiating the dialogue, Chairman Negotiating Team, was categorical that the earlier offer of 6% on Payslip components stands, however enhancing across the board uniformly to all banks  may not find favour. As a via media, it was suggested by Shri.Prashant Kumar, CFO SBI, to go through the contents presented through power point presentation. The details are broadly as under;


·        Performance linked compensation will be incorporated;

·        The value will be over and above the increment agreed in the bipartite settlement.

·        Will be computed annually after declaration of annual financial results.

·        Operating Profit and Return on Assets are the key metrics.

·        Payout rate to be related to performance based tiring.


3. It was reiterated that the offer made earlier should be substantially raised. In turn IBA suggested to the unions to study the document presented through power point presentation and if any alternatives are there, they expressed that they are prepared to discuss the same further with the representatives.


4. While Chairman Negotiating Team, reiterated that the negotiations for officers are confined upto Scale III only, all the four officers organizations have categorically expressed that negotiations should cover all the seven scales and appealed to IBA to follow up with the five Banks, as they had taken up earlier with Six banks after CLC suggestion in the end of May,2018.


5. MERGER OF DA; As per the past practice the merger of D.A for construction of new scales, the proposal to merge 6352 points was suggested. The reaction from IBA is awaited.


We shall keep you informed the developments.


Yours comradely




Circular No.19/VII/2018

September 25, 2018










The 3rd Central Committee meeting of our organisation as per the notice, was held at RJS Bhavan, on 8th and 9th September, 2018 under the joint presidium of Com.S.S.Shishodia, Chairman and Com.A.N.Suresh President of our organisation.


2.         Preceding the commencement of the meeting, our organisational flag was jointly hoisted by Com. S.S.Shisodia and Com. A.N.Suresh, followed by offering flowers to the immortal leaders of our twin banners organisations Com. Tarakda and           Com. R.J.S, by all participants.


3.         The leave of absence from the meeting was granted to Com Alok Khare, Vice Chairman, Com Vinod Bakshi, Vice President, Com I. Harnath Secretary,              Com Tapan Sarkar, Joint Secretary and Com S. Janakiraman, Secretary TIBTUR, as they were held up due to certain circumstances, beyond their control.


4.         After a brief welcome address by Com.D.S.Ganesan, General Secretary AIBOA- TNSC for the successful completion of the two days proceedings, the joint presidium initiated the discussions as per the agenda listed in the Notice.


5.         IN MEMORIUM: The CC observed two minutes silence in the memory of the departed leaders and personalities whose contributions to build the society and also the national activities were invaluable and worth remembering in the annals of the history.  Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Com.Somanath Chatterjee, Padmashree Arjan Singh, Sri Dr.Kalaignar Karunanidhi, Com.K.Chandrasekaran Nair, Dr.U.R.Rao, Prof Yashpal, Com.D.L.Sachdev, Com.G.L.Dhar, Sri Ajit Wadekar, Sri Kuldip Nayar, Ms.Gauri Lankesh, Com.T.R.Verma, Com.S.Lakshminarasaiah, Com.S.R.Sengupta, Com.Sudhakar Dhodapkar, Com.B.Srinivasan and Com.S.V.Krishnamurthi of Salem


6.         Com. V.Ramabhadran, Secretary and Convenor of the Wage Committee, read out the minutes of the proceedings of the 2nd CC held at Bengaluru on 12th and 13th August 2017, which was approved unanimously.


7.         A brief reporting covering the developments from the last CC till the current one, including on our Industry was presented to CC.  The points for discussion as decided in the earlier two CCs were provided to the participants to take forward the discussion in a focussed manner in our two days meaningful exercise.


8.         CONTRIBUTIONS TO REBUILD KERALA- GOD’S OWN COUNTRY: There was a specific mention about the Nature’s fury on Kerala State affecting all the districts and impact was deadly in reflections. To regain the same old kerala, as per the various reports, it may take between 5 to 15 years. On our part, we have immediately remitted Rs One lac to AIBOA Kerala State Committee to address the problems of unattended families whose situation did not attract anyone’s attention in Wayanad district. Our affiliate Kotak Mahindra Bank Officers’ Association was the first one to share the pains  and grief of the affected families . They have donated substantial quantity of home needs and supportive utensils too in the presence of elected representative of Kerala Assembly. We have so far collected Rs 6,50,000 from our affiliated units and well wishers and individuals. The collection will be remitted to AIBOA (KSC) for doing the needful.


9.         The third Central Committee meeting had the participation of 16 State Committees and 21 affiliated units including RRBs and Co-OP Bank. Twenty one comrades spoke on the agenda presented by the General Secretary in a crisp and focussed manner in the first day of deliberations, which lasted for seven hours from 10.45 to 20.00 hrs with intermittent breaks for lunch and tea.


10.       The second day proceeding commenced at 09.45 hrs and continued upto 12.00 hrs. On our invitation, Com.C.H.Venkatachalam, General Secretary AIBEA participated in the CC meeting, in midst of his organisational assignments.


11.       In his address to the CC, he unfolded the success achieved in Government officially withdrawing the FRDI bill because of the collective actions of people and also TUs, ever increasing bad loans in the Industry, the IBC route chosen by the Government to bail out the loan defaulters causing concern to the workforce, the joint efforts by the two organisations in facilitating to arrive at a conclusion of wages in IDBI, show of strength of Bank men under the banner Of AIBEA in 15th September 2017 Parliament Morcha appreciated by other constituents in UFBU, issue of fractured mandate given by five banks blocking the progress partially in the wage revision talks, need to enlarge coordinated approach in mobilising the membership of officers under the banner of AIBOA, attempt of the Government to amend the provisions of Labour laws through fixed term contract and on recognition of TUs in Industry, Efforts to cover Insurance and also Bank Trade unions under the banner of CCBIFU and its convention held at Delhi on 9th August 2018, and rejection of the demands of the Bankers in the matter of current wage revision. The need to participate in the national action plan of all CTUs which will be decided in the Convention on 28th Sept, 2018 at New Delhi to rest back the rights of the trade unions in our country.


12.       On Co-ordination issue in PNB, UCO and in UP State Committee, the problems encountered were brought to the notice of General Secretary AIBEA, as shared by the representatives of the individual units and UP State Secretary for appropriate corrective approach.


13.       15 comrades participated in the Second day proceedings. The broad consensus decisions arrived at are:

a.         The CC hailed the withdrawal of FRDI BILL by the Government officially due to pressures exerted by the TUS and also public at large.


b.         The singular noteworthy achievement made on Pension at par with sponsoring Bank by Com D N Trivedi, Convenor UFRRBU, Joint Secretary AIBOA and also General Secretary of AIGBOA was well appreciated by the CC.


c.         To participate in all action programmes of CTUs in defense of our TU rights.


d.         On work life balance approach, it has been decided not to attend to the SMSes and WhatsApp messages of the bank management between 8.00 P.M. to 8.00 A.M from 2.10.2018 and efforts should be made to envelope the other officers’ organisations.


e.         To achieve readership registration for our house magazine Two Roses, a minimum of 20% of their individual units membership to be enrolled on a war footing basis


f.          To stop the selling of thirty party products through banking channels,


g.         As Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu units have implemented the decision of holding the Youth and women conventions, other State Committees also to complete the assignment immediately with required seriousness.

h.         Recruitment of Clerical Staff as well as officer staff should be taken forward by the individual units.


i.          The unwarranted pressures exerted on Branch managers on NPA recovery should be resisted and repulsed back and any untoward incidents on loan lending under MUDRA loan should be brought to the notice of Central office of AIBOA for necessary remedial actions.


ORGANISATION:  The periodicity of the meeting stipulated by the central office should be strictly adhered too.


The State Committees are to hold the CC meeting once in Six months preferably prior to the AIBOA CC so as to enable the participants to present the state issues in a proper manner in the CC for a fair decision and also to provide proper guidance. The Institute at Mamallapuram should be necessarily utilised once in 18 months by the affiliates. The state conferences of Goa, Jharkhand, Rajasthan and AP should be completed immediately as the time sought was overrun. The state committees should take initiative to form the co-ordination committee with the State Federations without any further loss of time. The consolidation exercise of AIBOA members under AIPSBOF should be achieved in a proper manner to avoid all problems for one reason or other for the betterment of the officers in Punjab and Sind Bank. Our affiliate in Central Bank should also initiate appropriate steps to consolidate the members under AIBOA as priority task.


14.       CO-OPTION: As recommended by UP State Secretary, Com.S.P.Shengar for representation of UP state which was unfilled in the 7th Conference, Com.Rajesh Tiwari ,President and Com. Anil Gupta, Joint General Secretary of UP State Committee were co-opted as Joint Secretary of AIBOA and CC member of AIBOA unanimously.


15.       ACCOUNTS : The audited accounts for the year ended 31.12.2017 was presented by Com.G.Gunasekaran, Treasurer AIBOA which was adopted unanimously. The implementation of the decisions taken in Ahmedabad CC held in April 2016 were placed for information ie expenditure incurred for refurbishing the RJS Bhavan within the sanctioned amount, providing a social security to two of the comrades working in the central office of AIBOA. The interest free loan granted to AIBOA (WBSTC) of Rs 3,00,000/ to clear the arrears of tax dues to KMC was also reported.


On Com.G.Gunasekaran, Treasurer, AIBOA suggested to enhance the compensation for handling the Two roses assignment by Com.S.Lakshminarasimhan, the CC agreed.


16.       FELICITATIONS TO SUPERANNUATED FUNCTIONARIES: Com Arvind Porwal, Com Bhaskaran, Com Nirmal Dutta, Com Narendra Kotiawala, Com Tapan Sarkar, Com K.S.S.Nair  Office bearers and Com.P.K.Das and Com Ajay Routhray, our past CC members from Delhi State Committee were felicitated on their successful completion of the assignment in the bank with a request to continue to serve TU under the banner of AIBOA in the respective states and banks.


Com.D.N.Trivedi, was specially felicitated for the singular achievement made by him in securing the benefit of social security to RRB workforce by his strong and relentless pursuit with a constant advice of the General Secretary of AIBOA from time to time.


17.       Vote of Thanks: Com.V.Ramabhadran, President AIBOA –TNSC proposed the vote of thanks and session came to an end at 15.00 hrs.


18.       COLLECTIVE WORK EXHIBITED BY THE LEADERSHIP OF AIBOA (TNSC). Right from receiving the participants till final conclusion of the two days purposeful deliberations in the refurnished RJS Bhavan, with a fine food arrangement and a simple and memorable memento are appreciated by all without exception.


Yours comradely,








                                                                                                                                            Camp: Mumbai 

Date: 29.09.2018 





Dear Comrades,  


Observe Work-Life-Balance, in letter and spirit


You are aware that the officers fraternity has been subjected to enormous stress due to ever increasing workload, inadequate staff, continuous pressure from multifarious controllers, over-ambitious targets, mis-placed business priorities, extended working hours et al. This has taken a heavy toll on the efficiency level and is the root cause of frustration and anxiety disorder resulting in depression, helplessness and life-style diseases viz Diabetes, High BP and Cardiac problems etc. Officers are constantly receiving SMS and instructions over WhatsApp messages even at odd hours. This has adversely affected their social and family life. Banking system has forgotten that an Officer is just not an employee of the Bank, but also a spouse/son/father/mother and an integral part of society. This situation has become intolerable as we find Officers are virtually chained to their official duties and have no respite, even while at home.


Work-Life-Balance is the need of the hour. Many top global companies are addressing this sensitive issue through various measures. State Bank of India has issued a comprehensive instruction addressing the need for a Work-life balance. However, the ground reality almost in every institution is that majority of the officers are stressed and do not have a work-life balance, which is attributed specially to the instructions received through sms and WhatsApp.


All four officers organisations have unanimously decided to address this menace. It has been decided to call upon all our Officers not to attend/respond to the ‘official’ SMS/WhatsApp messages, received from their Controlling Authority/Zonal Heads between 8pm and 8am.


We urge upon our members to respond to our clarion call and implement the instructions in letter and spirit forthwith.



Yours comradely,



          General Secretary              General Secretary                       General Secretary       General Secretary

                              AIBOC                            AIBOA                                           INBOC                      NOBO


Circular No.18/VII/2018

August 16, 2018

                                                                                                                 [URGENT & IMPORTANT]

Dear comrades,

                                                      Nature’s Fury
                                                                     God’s own Country suffered immeasurable loss  
                                                       Normal activities brought to stand still  
                                                       Extend help in ample measure

The nature’s fury has affected beyond anyone’s imagination the “God’s own Country”,  a state in which 100% literacy has been achieved and extended lot of support to the National Economy through foreign inward remittance.  For the past ten days, the force of the flood water has brought the normal life stand still.

The State Government has sounded red alert to all the 14 Districts in the State of Kerala.  Educational Institutions have been shut down.  Kochi airport is under water and closed for operation upto Sunday.  So far, it is reported that 1.5 lakhs people have been lodged in the relief camps.  The National festival of “ONAM” celebrations have been cancelled.  Loss of human lives, halt of transport facilities “Rail” and “Air” and also common men requirements are thrown to winds.

AIBOA, its State Committees and affiliated units stand and share the pains and sufferings in full measure.

We request you to extend financial assistance and the remittance may be sent to the following account.

United Bank of India, Nungambakkam Branch

A/c Name: All India Bank Officers’ Association

A/c No.11960 1010 3543 / IFSC : UTBI0NUN826”

Please send us the message by e mail too so as to consolidate the amount received and send it to “AIBOA –Kerala State Committee” for onward remittance to the affected people of the Kerala.

Please reach us immediately.

Yours comradely,



Circular N0.16/VII/2018

June 15, 2018





Dear comrades,



AT CHENNAI ON 12.06.2018


To take stock of the situation in the Industry, after 48 hours of successful strike action by the banking workforce on 30th and 31st May 2018, a meeting of nine constituents was held at Chennai on 12.06.2018 at Hotel Abu Sarovar Portico, P.H.Road, Chennai under the Chairmanship of Com.K.K.Nair.


Our Unit was represented by Com.M.A.Srinivasan, Dy.Gen.Secretary, Com.G.Gunasekaran, Treasurer, Com.V.Ramabhadran, Convenor, Wage sub committee, Secretary, AIBOA besides the undersigned.  The prevailing situations in our Industry broadly are:


a.    The offer made by the IBA was meagre and refusal to negotiate the wage revision for officers above Scale III;

b.    Clamping of Prompt Corrective Actions [PCA]on Dena Bank and Allahabad Bank;

c.    Speeding up Banking reforms process viz., “Privatisation, merger of Banks, Velvet treatment to bad loans borrowers, FRDI bill and IB code etc.”;

d.    Irresponsible utterances by responsible peoples’ representative in the Government to stop the annual increment of the officers, who are failing to grant the Mudra loans;




a.    It was decided to meet the concerned authorities in MOF and also IBA, CLC[C] before reviving the programmes of Action in a higher form;

b.    Depending upon the response from the authorities, the future course of actions including strike actions in July and August 2018 will be decided ;

c.     “Bank Nationalisation Week” from 16th July 2018 to 21st July 2018 will be observed throughout the country.  The programmes will be released in this regard, in due course.


Let us prepare ourselves to face the future unitedly as the owners are known for delaying / denying the legitimate rights of the workers in our Industry



Yours comradely,




Circular N0.15/VII/2018

June 6, 2018











The sterling leader of Bank Officers’ movement under our banner, Com.RJS, had breathed his last nearly 5 years back on 15.06.2013.


In this world of “Survival of the fittest” he was the one, who established that a comrade who possesses the basic values of the trade union ie; conviction and commitment to the cause can too survive.


After the death of Com.Prabhat Kar, the founder President of AIBOA, in the conference held at Mumbai, he was elected unanimously, to succeed as the “First Man” of the organisation.  He stole the show at Malvankar Hall, Delhi in the year 1992   when he was called upon by Joint Presidium of the TU meeting to move the resolution of “opposing the new Economic Policy”.  His presentation was short, sharp and focussed, which made the then Industry leader Com.Tarakda to acknowledge his brilliance on the dais itself.  He was second to none in securing the rights and benefits to the officer’s community.  Equally he had the quality to “call a spade as a spade”.  When it was the need of the hour to hold the banner dear to the heart, he was a shining example. Nearly 2000 days,  he was on loss of pay, the turbulent days in the life of parent Bank’s, Base Union”.  To enable the Banking workforce to get an another option for pension in April 2010, he stood firmly with the then UFBU Convenor.  He took keen interest to establish close coordination with other Officers’ Unions and conducted the meeting of Officers in the metropolitan cities, which evoked tremendous response from rank and file.  His outlook on society was also “ an unique one”.


A leader par excellence emerged as an immortal by his contributions to the society at large.  In order to perpetuate the memory of this leader our organisation has arranged a memorial lecture “ The Impact of the policy of the Government on Public Sector undertakings” by Com.Lenin on 15.06.2018 at Com.C.S.Hall, A.K.Nayak Bhavan, Chennai-600 001 at 10.30 am.


To conclude:

Embrace sweet

Memories of past times



Bright hopes for all that is yet to come.

Yours comradely






June 3, 2018  
Dear Comrades, 

                                                               PRIVATE SECTOR BANK OFFICERS FORUM MEET AT BENGALURU. 

In background of growing attacks on jobs and jobs security and also move to take control of hard earned savings of employees and officers kept in the PF trust of individual banks, by Government of India, there was an urgent need to have the meeting of the PSBOF. In pursuance of the notice issued by the PSBOF Convenor, Com.K.Raghava, the meeting was held at Bengaluru today at Kotak Mahindra Bank Officers’ Association office at Basavanagudi, Bengaluru. The committee commenced its proceedings at exactly 10.30 a.m. 

2. The meeting was presided over by Com.S.A.Sridhar, Chairman, PSBOF, attended by the office bearers and committee members. Between the last meeting held at Kolhapur on 24/09/2017 and till date, the forum has added one more unit of old generation private sector Bank i.e. Nainital Bank Officers’ Association with majority membership of 300 members under the banner of AIBOA. Com.A.N.Suresh, President AIBOA also participated in the meeting. The participants from the five banks are: Com. B. Jayarama Naik, Com. K.Raghava, President and General Secretary, KBOO, Com. Suresh Gupta, General Secretary, AIJKBOF, Com. S.A.Sridhar, Com. G.S. Chowdary and Com. A. Chandrashekar, Chairman, President and General Secretary, KMBOA, Com. Deelip B.Dari and Com. K.A. Patil, Secretary and Vice-President, RBOO, Com.Chandrashekar Kanyal and Com. Sahil Khan, President and Vice-President, NBOA.  

3. In the introductory presentation Com.K.Raghava, the Convener, PSBOF made a brief account of the attacks on officers’ organisations by the Private Sector Bank management. After the welcome address by Com. Muthukrishnan of Kotak Mahindra Bank officers Association, the host of this meeting, the Chairman PSBOF took the agenda listed in the notice. The house was called upon to observe two minutes silence in the memory of Com.T.R.Verma, Secretary AIBOA, Com. M.Keshavayya, the founder President of KBOO and all others who have breathed their last during this interim period. The minutes of the meeting held on 24.09.2017 at Kolhapur was read and adopted the same unanimously. 
4. The undersigned was called upon to present the overall developments in the Industry in general and on wage revision in particular. In a 45 minutes presentation every important detail were shared right from the bad loans, behavior pattern of the IBA-Govt. combine, recent happenings in Private Sector Banks and the lessons to be learnt from the struggles in the Industry as well in the Individual Banks level too. Com.A.N.Suresh, President AIBOA, in his brief presentation, touched upon the developments in a lucid way and the role of individual unions in addressing the issues concerning Industry and also of the Wage revision matter. 

5. Com.Sahil Khan of NBOA, presented crisply the problems encountered by the unit in the matter of creation of a new vertical to have the digital venture by the parent bank, i.e. Bank of Baroda at a heavy cost and also the attitude of the management in dealing with the union, unleashing a threat against the union and attack on office bearers through transfers. Their new endeavour to present a memorandum to the Parliamentary Committee was also shared in the meeting. Next came to present the issue was Com.Dileep Dari, Secretary RBOO. The attempt of Regional Commissioner EPF to take over the control of the PF Trust based on the notification issuedby Government of India and need to take immediate steps by the parent body to halt the move, as it is too dangerous to allow the authorities to deal with the issue of hard earned savings of the employees and officers. The case has been posted for hearing on 16/07/2018 in CGITat Mumbai. There were healthy exchange of informations amongst the participants and more particularly from Com.A.N.Suresh, President, AIBOA. The house was adjourned for lunch for 30 minutes. 

6. On resumption after lunch, Com.Suresh Gupta, CC member of PSBOF and General Secretary of AIJKBOF, presented in a condensed way the complications faced by the organization due to varied issues due to the uncertain political climate in the valley. In spite of the grim situation, he shared the achievements made by the organization in the Bank. At the end, he assured the house to make his unit to fall in line with the decision taken by apex level organization in to-to. Com. B. Jayarama Naik, President of KBOO narrated the various developments in the organizational front as well as the behavioural pattern of the administration in the Bank in the current spell. Com.K.Raghava, General Secretary of KBOO pointedly presented the challenges encountered by the officers in the area of work- life balance, mid-academic transfers and the stresses and strains faced in their day to daywork, especially in cross selling of third party products etc. 

7. The host unit, KMBOA, General Secretary, Com.A.Chandrashekar, spoke about the pains encountered in handling the issues of members and due to the delaying tactics of the administration in day to day matter. The performance rating and incentive attached with that causing heartburn on a continuous basis. The denial of compensation to officers during the demonetization period is an issue shot down by the management due to contractual officers numbering 32000 in Kotak Bank being denied of the same. Com.S.N.Chowdary, President, supplemented the experience of the PF meeting held by Government of India at Mumbai and confirmed that the Bank has intimated the Government that they will continue with the present bank-wise trust approach. Com. S. A. Sridhar, Vice-President, AIBOA shared with the Forum about the dilatory tactics resorted to by the management of Kotak Mahindra Bank with regard to their Charter of Demands. 

8. The forum has decided to take up issues concerning the units, which are as under; 

     a. To extend support to the programmes of actions of NBOA, in the matter of merger with BOB and also curtailing the expenditure of Digital Vertical: 
     b. To take expeditious steps to tackle the issue of EPF trust with all authorities ie; MOF,MOL OF GOVT OF INDIA, CBDT and also through legal forum; 
     c. To take steps to form a co-ordination committee with all other old generation private sector banks who are outside the ambit of PSBOF; 
     d. To take all necessary steps to broad base the unity of the workforce in the Private Sector Banks and industry too. 

9. The next meeting of the forum will be conducted by the newly joined unit NBOA before end of September 2018. 
The customary vote of thanks was proposed by Com. S.K. Anandaram of KMBOA and ended at 5 p.m.

Yours comradely


TO ALL STATE COMMITTEES/AFFILIATED UNITS:                                                               
Circular No.12/VII/2018  
31st May,2018.

Dear Comrades,

                                                                            48 HOURS OF STRIKE – PHASE  II

                                        REFLEXATION OF SEETHING ANGER OF THE BANKING WORKFORCE.

                                                  UNITY, STRUGGLE AND PROGRESS – OUR WATCHWORD.

                     Reports are pouring in that the repeat exercise of the first day has resulted in severely hitting  the banking operations today also. If we say that the Banking operations were brought to grinding halt,it is not an excessive expression. Demonstrations,Long march in soaring temperatures unmindful of external environment and near total participation of the workforce in the Industry should certainly attract the attention of the people at large and also various authoirties who are to decide the furture course of actions to avoid the confrontations with the collective force of the nine constituent unions.

2. The traders’ body has expressed that the 48 hours strike will impact transactions worth Rs 200 million. Digital transactions comprising of 5% of the total transactions had a severe hit as the servers in the Banks were brought to a halt. Eastern and North eastern part of the country have been totally shut the bank branches. In rest of the country the halt of the work is near total. Seething anger of the banking workforce and their personal  participation have demonstrated their conviction to take forward the struggle to a greater heights.

3. The mounting pains caused to the Institutions on account of Bad loans should not passed on to the shoulders of existing workforce. When the pay commission can decide the salary and allowances right from Class IV employee upto Cabinet Secretary,how come in Banks ,the Team IBA stated that they will negotiate only upto Scale III in the Banking Industry? How come the IBA accepted fractured mandate from Banks? The concept of majority will prevail over minority is attempted to be reversed by IBA. After

CLC counselling the representatives of IBA, now there is a communication addressed to SBI, PNB,BOB,UBI,IB AND OBC to revisit their decision on mandate. Should it happen like this?

4. Ultimately, it is IBA and Government combine  are solely responsible for the present situation in our Industry. The writing on the wall is loud and clear.


Onward march to forward movement in the talks,

Yours comradely,




Circular No.12/VII/2018

May 30,  2018




Dear Comrades,





            In response to the call of 48 hours strike given by the nine constituents consisting of 4 officers’ organisations and 5 workmen organisations, the entire work force in the banks, have collectively responded to the directions given by the unions. Reports are pouring in from various parts of the country that the response is unprecedented. Unmindful of the soaring temperature, the participation by the members established in unmistakable terms that the level of dissatisfaction is crossed the tolerance level.

2.         Looking to the developments that has rocked the Banking system in the last week of January 2018, the responsible and responsive organisations in Banking, took a right decision to postpone the one day strike in Feb, 2018 and responded to the situation by holding a Dharna on 21st March, 2018 at Delhi. The delegation met the Hon’ble Finance Minister and also the Secretary D.F.S. Government of India, which facilitated for a meeting with IBA after six months period. It was a bolt from the blue on 5th May, 2018, that IBA offered a meagre increase of 2% in pay slip components based on the establishment charges as at 31.03.2018. As far as officers are concerned that IBA’s stand on negotiations upto Scale III was certainly unacceptable. In spite of CLC counseling in the conciliation meeting held on 28th May, 2018, the approach of the IBA was all the more intriguing.

3.         The four officers’ representatives meeting with Additional Secretary DFS, as decided earlier, facilitated the change in the approach with respect to the negotiations upto Scale VII. But there was no urgency felt on the part of the IBA, to avert the strike, by proposing the mid course correction in the overall atmosphere of negotiations. The last minute half hearted approach by the authorities is also unjust.



Yours comradely,




Circular No,11/VII/2018

May 28, 2018

Camp: New Delhi.



ALL UNITS / STATE COMMITTEES:                                                                    





In response to the strike notice served on IBA for 48 hours strike commencing from 6.00 am of 30.05.2018 to 06.00a.m of 01.06.2018, Government of India, Ministry of Labour and employment fixed the date for conciliation, meeting at CLC office today at 11.30. a.m. On behalf of our organisation Com.S.S.Shisodia, Chairman and the undersigned participated in the conciliation proceedings.

2.  IBA team consisting of Shri.S.K.Kakker, Senior Advisor and Shri.Atul Gautam, stationed at Delhi participated in the meeting. Government of India representative Shri.S.R.Meher, Dy.Secretary, DFS attended the meeting. CLC and Additional CLC conducted the proceedings. Nine constituents representatives have too participated.

3.  While the proceedings were on right track based on the facts and figures on record, IBA’s non committal approach forced us to take forward strike of 48 hours. Linking the present conditions of the Bad loans in banks with the wage talks, is unacceptable besides the unconvincing stand on fractured mandate given by six banks forced to escalate the situation.




Yours Comradely,




Circular letter No.2/VII/2018

April 20, 2018






The first trade union of Bankmen of pre independent of India completed seventy two years of purposeful existence.  AIBEA, a trade union, par excellence true to the saying stood test of times as an effective instrument for a social change.

The foundation conference held on 21st April 1946 at Kolkata AIBEA adopted 15 resolutions in all, out of which same of them are reproduced hereunder.


Ø  That all Bank employees do exert themselves and exercise their influence to build up strong and healthy unions or associations all over India.

Ø  That all employees of Banks and Banking Institutions in India be granted privilege and casual leave at least according to fundamental rules as laid down by the Government of India.

Ø  That a minimum starting salary of Rs.75/- [seventy five] must be given to each employee of Banks in clerical cadre and Rs.40/- [forty] to each employee in subordinate – non clerical cadre all over India together with a reasonable dearness allowance and an annual increment of not less than Rs.10/-[ten] and Rs.5/- [five] respectively.

Ø  That the working hours of a Bank employee must not exceed seven hours a day [including one hour’s respite for Tiffin]

Ø  That Banks all over India must make provisions for Provident funds, Gratuity and or Pension for their employees.

Ø  That the security of service of Bank employees all over must be fully assured.

Ø  That the central committee be directed to start and organise co-operative societies for the benefit of the members of the All India Bank Employees’ Association.  This conference, therefore, urges upon the Government to introduce rationing all over India and upon the bank authorities to arrange for the supply of food stuff at concessional rates to their employees specially at those places where rationing has not yet been introduced.  The conference requests the Bank authorities to increase the dearness allowances so as to bring it at part with the amount paid by the Central Government.

Ø  That the central committee be and is hereby directed to move the different bank authorities to provide free medical aid to members of the staff.

Ø  That a fund be created by raising subscriptions and donations for helping the distressed employees and specially those who may loose their service for trade dispute ie; for their union activities.  The central committee be requested to take up this work immediately.

Ø  That the central Government be move to so frame the proposed Banking Companies Act as to make provision for co-option of at least one director in the Board of Directors from among the employees who will be an elected representative without the requisite qualification of a shareholder”.

The plight of Bankmen in the matter of minimum Basic pay for the workmen with Dearness allowance coupled with demand for leave speak volumes of “agony” and ‘torture” undergone by the elders of yester years.  Besides the demand for service condition, the foundation conference also demanded representation in the Board by a “non-shareholder” of the Bank.

From 1946 to 1966 took twenty years to win the Bipartite to lay the road for development in the service conditions.  It took nearly 26 years to win the right of representation in the Board of the Bank.

The achievements are on account of the selfless service and sacrifice made by the countless membership during the period of 72 years.

Struggles mean sacrifice.  Nothing has been achieved without suffering and sacrifice.  Great philosopher Socrates was completed to drink poison.  Galileo was exited.  Jesus Christ was crucified.  In our times, the Father of the Nation was shot dead.  All for what?  For speaking the truth and initiating the steps for the progress of man and mankind.

We lost the jewels of the movement Com.Prabhat passed into history while returning from Nizambad after inaugurating the then State Bank of Hyderabad Employees conference.  We lost the leader Com.H.L.Parwana, an officer at the age of 52, who lived for others and who was charge sheeted for organising the Trade union in Banks.  Com.Dada, who took the first and giant step a demanding action against loan defaulters on 4th September 1997 was faced with court case by a corporate entity.  He too passed into history while he alighted in the escalator at the airport on 02.05.2003.  AIBEA was shaped as an instrument with courage and conviction by leaders from almost all States.  The list is limitless.

While we draw inspiration to shape our future from the elders, the slogan of “one for all and all for one” coined and championed by late Com.P.K.Menon the founder General Secretary of AIBOA, who was commending the respect fro more than 3 decades in the State Maharashtra, has to pursued and promoted.

To the present workforce, it is relevant to quote:

“When you go home      Tell them of us           And also tell them     For their tomorrow     We gave today….”

While greeting AIBEA on 73rd Founding Day, the slogan of
 “Unity, Struggle and Progress” shall be truthfully implemented 
to secure the interest of the Nation, Institution and lastly the individual.

Yours comradely,



CIRCULAR No.6/VII/2018  
30th March,2018




Dear Comrades,


DATE OF EFFECT : 29-03-2018.

The Seventh Pay commission introduced with effect from 1.01.2016 recommended the revised quantum of gratuity payable to Government Employees was Rs 20 lacs. The Central Trade unions, even prior to the VII pay commission recommendations, have collectively demanded the enhancement of Gratuity, as one of the demand, in the charter of demand submitted to Ministry of Labour, Government of India.  There were two days Nationwide strikes in 2015 and 2016 by Central Trade Unions, in which AIBOA and AIBEA, participated in full measure. The Charter of demands submitted to IBA too included the enhancement of Gratuity.

The nine constituent’s strikes  on 28-02-2017 and 22-08-2017, focussed the issue of Gratuity enhancement along-with other issues haunting the banking workforce, in the background of demonetisation exercise by Banks. The pressures exerted by the workers belonging to all walks of life made the Central Government to concede this demand along with the Maternity leave of 12 weeks to 26 weeks.

To give the legal status to the Gratuity bill, the  laid down procedures were undertaken by the Ministry of Labour, Govt of India viz, Cabinet approval, Presentation of the Bill in both houses of the Parliament , President’s ascent, consultation with Ministry of Law and finally the issuance of Gazette notification by Labour Ministry. The exercise was completed and accordingly the date of effect of the Amendment to Gratuity Act was from 29th March 2018. The maximum quantum under the Act is Rs.20lacs.

In the past also, when the Government employees got the enhancement from Rs 3.5 lacs to Rs 10 lacs with effect from 1.01.2006, the employees governed by Payment of Gratuity Act 1972 were given the benefit from 24th May,2010.

The Gratuity under Act or the under Officers’ Service Regulations, whichever is higher is payable to the officer employees with effect from 29th March 2018.  AIBOA places on record its appreciation for the efforts and initiatives taken by CTUs more particularly AITUC in realising the demand from the unwilling hands of the owners as well as from the present Government.

With greetings,

Yours Comradely,




Circular No.5/VII/2018

February 28, 2018



Dear comrades,

v  Fight against the clause of “Discharge simplicitor” in Karnataka Bank by our affiliate

v  “Signature campaign a massive success” near 100% participation

v  AIBOA demands action against Private Sector Banks – “Gitanjali Gems”

We have informed earlier, through our Circular, the action of the Karnataka Bank management to terminate a young officer, having a service of 4 years and qualified as B.E., M.B.A., for the reason of “Under performance”.  He was a relationship officer in the Bank.

2.         Members of “Karnataka Bank Officers’ Organisation” [KBOO] a 100% membership organisation, at various centres assembled voluntarily and exerted pressures on the leadership of KBOO central office to draw the plan of actions against the moves of the management.  True to the principles of “TU ideology”, KBOO convened an urgent CC at Mangalore on 11.02.2018 with a single agenda – “withdrawal of the termination order served on Com.Shravan Kumar”.  It is heartening to note that all the 42 CC members attended the meeting and in one voice expressed that the management action needs to repulse back as the termination was an unacceptable one.  CC further authorised the General Secretary KBOO to chalk out the plan of actions in higher form, if need be depending upon the developments.

3.         It is heartening to note that nearly the entire membership affixed their signature in the memorandum addressed to M.D. with an appeal to withdraw the termination order.  The Office bearers stationed at Mangalore met the M.D. on 23.02.2018 and urged him to receive the memorandum signed by the 2700 members.  The M.D. of the Bank refused to receive the memorandum of 2700 members, but received the letter addressed by KBOO.

4.         The Bank, which is in process of undertaking the “transformation” exercise by engaging an external agency, prefers to reject / receive the humble appeals of 2700 officers.  This is happening at a time when the Bank has crossed a business mix of Rs.100000 crores .  Officers are considered as a Brand Ambassador of the Bank !!!    The growth trajectory is because of the Officers in the Bank.

5.         AIBOA has urged upon the Government of India to direct the Reserve Bank of India to initiate action against the new generation Private Sector, a consortium leader with the participating Private Sector Banks, who have lent money to “Gitanjali Gems”.  The recent directive needs to be enlarged.  It can’t be restricted to Public Sector Bank alone.

Comrades of Karnataka Bank, you are on right path.  You are pursuing the path of programmes on “Ahimsa” way.  Keep the organisational activities in proper tune and prepare the members for a long drawn struggle.

AIBOA stands with you in full measure, as the tool used by the management needs to be blunted immediately.

With greetings,

Yours comradely,



Circular No.4/VII/2018

February 26, 2018






Keeping in view the fast forward developments in our Industry, an urgent need was felt to take the stock of the situation by holding a meeting of the nine constituents at Chennai on 23.02.2018 at 14.30 hrs at Tarak Illam, Nungambakkam, Chennai.

The meeting was presided over by Com.K.K.Nair, Chairman, UFBU.  Our organisation was represented by Com.M.A.Srinivasan, Deputy General Secretary, and Com.G.Gunasekaran, Treasurer besides the undersigned in the meeting.

Com.S.K.Bandlish, Convenor [Off.] presented in brief the background and necessity to meet on an urgent basis.

The meeting observed two minutes silence in the memory of past UFBU Convenors, Com.S.R.Sengupta, Com.P.Lakshminarasaiah and Com.S.R.Bal [BEFI] a time tested leader of Bank Employees movement.

The minutes of the meeting held at Mumbai on 06.02.2018 were read by Com.S.K.Bandlish and the same was confirmed.  In the background of resorting the programmes of actions culminating in a direct action on 15.03.2018 and the unexpected developments in PNB , it was decided to defer the direct action on 15th March 2018, to realise the demand of “wage revision for all” in our Industry.

It was also decided to prevail upon the IBA authorities, who had cancelled the meeting on 21.02.2018 due to exigencies of the administration, to convene the meeting at the earliest, as the rank and file are restive.

Further it was also decided to conduct a “Dharna before Parliament” on 21.03.2018 to draw the attention of the authorities at the Government level, to expedite the investigation and also take stringent action erring staff and also not to come under pressure of CII and “Assochem” in the matter of “ownership of the Banks”.

To highlight our concern in the recent developments, it has been decided to conduct press meet at all State Capitals between 5th March to 10th March 2018.

Subsequently the four officers’ organisations met separately and decided to take up with CVC on the advisory on transfers as well as with RBI on the recent instructions on classification of advances.

A communication addressed to CVC on transfers was sent by four officers organisations on the same day.

Securing the job” and “jobs security” are the slogans as the forces are awaiting to destabilise the Public Sector character of Banking in India.

Please adhere to the programmes of action in each State without fail.

Yours comradely,



Circular No.3/VII/2018

February 14, 2017






In the background of the recommendations of Bhoothalingam Committee on Dearness Allowance pattern coupled with other issues like non settlement of wages for workmen due to black days of emergency of nearly “2” years and implementation of standardisation of wages amongst “Public Sector Banks” through Pillai Committee recommendations, made the first and foremost trade union of pre independent India, took a historic decision of resorting to “indefinite strike” in the Banking Industry along with AICOBOO led by Mr.L.V.Subramaniam.  At the last moment, when these preparations were at a high pitch, the then AICOBOO,  backed out at the instance of Government – IBA combine.  From the history, once the decision is taken, AIBEA never looked back, it has gone forward only.  Thus, the organisation, which had prospective vision of building the nation, Banking Industry and seeing the welfare of the workforce compelled to draw a plan of action to form a trade union of officers, having ideological orientation as that of the members of AIBEA, thus the emergence of AIBOA on 14.02.1981 at orange city, Maharashtra.  Com.Prabhat Kar, President, AIBEA in his presentation in the foundation of conference visualised the future crisis as under:

“To the members of AIBEA and AIBOA, I only want to say that ours is a class organisation and where the class interests have to be safe guarded, militantly and unitedly fighting against all the class enemies in whichever form they come.  Unity is the only way out and with that unity we shall over come all the attacks that will be launched and attempted to be launched by the employer as a whole.  It is coming to be immediately attended.  I can assure you, that AIBEA and AIBOA will not only move together, we shall face all attacks together, and we shall win and win.  That will be ours”

Further, the concluding remarks in the foundation conference of AIBEA late Com.Tarakeswar Chakraborti, General Secretary, AIBEA still relevant in our Industry:

“A strong AIBOA makes AIBEA stronger – Build up a strong AIBOA”.

Officer in the Banking Industry in the country unite.  You have nothing to lose except your sense of fear, helplessness, vulnerability and you have everything to gain.”

The founder General Secretary of Com.P.K.Menon, expressed his assessment of our role as:

“In the long run AIBEA and AIBOA alone can take the Bank employees to greater achievements and progress as historically both the organisations, its objectives, its philosophy and its principles are one and the same”.

The stormy leader in our movement and a loveable leader late Com.RJS in his assessment of the development in the Industry expressed that:

“ Unity in thought

Unanimity in decision

United in action

Succeeds and succeeds eternally

With the abounding involvement of rank and file

Led by an endearing leadership”

If we collectively take the essence of their expressions spreading over a period of nearly 3-1/2 decades, we have performed to our best of our abilities and also in the given opportunities.  Ours is the only organisation, submitted the complete details of Bad loans to the then President of our Nation, demanding corrective actions on all concerned.  But the space to be covered is enormous to secure the dignity and self respect to officers in the Industry, where the challenges are plenty and job roles are undergoing changes in quick succession..

To conclude:

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep. 

But I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep”.

With Founding day greetings,

Yours comradely,









Com.T.R.Verma, Secretary, AIBOA, breathed his last on 10th February,2018 at Medanta Hospital Gurugram (Haryana) around 11.30 A.M. He was ailing and bounced back to normal trade union activities. He attended our first secretariat meeting at Pune, in the second week of December 2017.

He was leading the AIBOA movement in Punjab National Bank as a General Secretary of All India Punjab National Bank Officers’ Federation (2012 to 2015), working President of AIPNBOF(2015-2018), and Zonal Secretary of Punjab National Bank officers Association Haryana- Chandigarh Zone.

By virtue of his organisational quality, he was the in the AIBOA Secretariat as Secretary from 6th National Conference held in Chennai in December,2011 till date, besides the responsibility to head the Harayana State Committee in an effective manner. With all trade union issues on co-ordination etc, he had never missed to hold the twin banners as apple of an eye. He was one to project that any attack on officer community, irrespective of the affiliation, has to be repulsed back to preserve the dignity and self respect. Late Ajay Sehgal , a Chief Manager, ill treated for not succumbing to the pressures of circle management to consider some of their directions, Com. T.R.Verma escalated an agitation at bank level and also at Twin banners level and established that Administration cannot brush aside the feelings of the grass root level officers of the Bank. He was the one who projected the fight against the double Standards and discrimination in the matter of departmental actions in PNB and held a massive Dharna in front of the then Head office Bank and subsequently remedial actions were initiated by the Bank. 

He was born in tiny village Toderwal (Patiala) on 01.03.1955, and retired from the bank as a Scale III officer, realising his commitment to TU movement, on his own he did not opt for higher promotion. He left behind his wife, one son and two daughters. On his becoming part of the history, the family members are poorer, and also members and comrades of AIBOA ,team of office bearers too. The void created is unbridgeable.
                                                                 COM. T.R.VERMA AMAR RAHE, AMAR RAHE.
Yours in grief

GENERAL SECRETARY                                                                                 


Circular No.2/VII/2018

February 12, 2018






In the Banking Industry, a new experiment is being attempted in the name of ‘transformation’ exercise, as per the advice of ‘external Experts’ by paying substantial compensation to them. This exercise is nothing but concentration of power at the corporate office, thus role of bank branches become certainly irrelevant. Such exercises, wherever attempted by the Banks, the performance of the banks suffered an irreparable loss of image, huge expenditure besides business nose diving seriously. One of the normal recommendations of the experts is to dismantle the bipartite apparatus, a time tested one for the past four decades. Change in the HR policy and resolution of the issues through bipartite system are the main subjects for the external experts. Instead of enhancing the theme of participative system, the attempts are afoot to reverse the system and bring back the old system of master” and “servant”.

2         In Karnataka Bank, recently, an officer promoted from clerical cadre, who has put in 4 years of service, qualified as B.E and MBA and aged 30 years stood terminated in the Second week of Jan, 2018, under the specious plea of UNDER PERFORMANCE. He was designated as Relationship Officer (Scale I) who used to get the business leads, which are to be converted at the branch cluster level as a debtor or a creditor.

3        Karnataka Bank, which has crossed a business mix of Rs 1,00,000 crores in its 94 years of journey, as  a old generation private sector Bank, has resorted to ‘discharge Simpliciter’ exercise, which is consistently opposed  by unions i.e. Para 536 of the Sastry award. The method adopted by the management of the Bank has kick-started new type of dissatisfaction and reflections are nothing but ‘trust deficit’.

4        Our affiliate, KBOO, with 100% membership held its managing committee at Mangalore today participated by 42 members of the committee.  Preceding to this meeting, a mass meeting was held at Mangalore on 10.02.2018 in which 375 members participated. Com. V.Ramabhadran, Secretary, AIBOA addressed the mass rally and extended total support of AIBOA to KBOO and its members.

5        The CC in one voice authorised the General Secretary to take forward the programmes of actions, depending upon the developments culminate the same with direct action, if need be. While addressing the CC by the undesigned any attack on the dignity of the officer, shall have to be fought back and AIBOA stands totally with KBOO in getting the issue of termination resolved.







We extend total support to comrades of KBOO in full measure.

Yours comradely,




Circular No.1/VII/2018

January 8, 2018








The present Government at the centre with the focussed approach is targeting the “main nerve centre” of economic activity of our Nation [ie] our Industry, to carry out their plan of actions. Some of them are  -  broadly;


The Government conceded our demand but they are attached the conditions of reforms [ie] consolidation through mergers etc.


In order to silence the strong voice of the people at large, an amendment to Banking Regulation Act – “Insolvency and Bankruptcy code” was brought in.  12 top accounts amounting more than Rs.2,52,000 crores is pending before National Company Law Tribunal[NCLT] for adjudication.

Through the NCLT total money will not come back to the Banks but accommodation of the big defaulters would certainly take place.


The earning to a financial Institution is mainly through lending operations.  When the bad loans are increasing, earnings are declining.  To cover the future loss, the exercise of provisioning is taking place.  Small depositors are to be paid increased rate of interest, to encourage the savings.  But the present position is not favourable to small investors.  In the name of non-maintaining the minimum balance in the accounts, depositors are penalised by levying charges and the income earned through this method is more than the real banking transactions.


We have proved that the favourite issue of “financial inclusion” has been brilliantly implemented by Bankmen across the country thereby nearly 21 crores of accounts have been added with a total deposit of over Rs.70000 crores.  We need branch expansion to cater the requirements of the common people of this country.  At this point of time, Government is seriously pursuing the issue of mergers of Banks.  5 Associate Banks mergers with SBI had already led to closure of 1000 branches .  Further 200 to 300 branches, SBI is planning to close down.


Untimely introduction of the bill by the present Government has kick started the flight of Bank deposits to mutual fund.  Leading Bank- SBI- has released an advertisement in social media instigating the small investors to invest in mutual funds instead of savings, through Bank accounts.  The “bail in” clause has created sufficient fear and loss of confidence in Public Sector Banks.

Comrades, our Joint signature campaign has to be actively pursued and hit the target of getting the common people involved in the noble tasks of “Saving the Banking Industry” thereby “saving the Nation”.

Plunge into vigorous campaign as the time at our disposal is too short and also precious.

Yours comradely,