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Circular No.4/VI/2015

January 20, 2015









Dear Comrades,


v       Four days strike put on hold

v    One step backward and two steps forward – our approach

v    Aim to achieve a satisfactory conclusion of 7th Joint Note


Further to the earlier meeting of Officers Sub committee on 14th January 2014 at Mumbai, to finalise  the collective approach on the Hospitalisation Scheme, a meeting was held on 19th January 2015 at IBA Office Mumbai.


2.         The sub committee on Hospitalisation scheme was headed by Shri Arun Tiwari, Chairman, Union Bank of India, Shri Shailesh Verma, CGM, SBI, Shri B.S.Shekhwat, GM, Central Bank of India, Shri M.V.Tanksale, CEO, IBA, Shri K.Unnikrishnan, Dy.CEO, IBA, besides the officials of HR department of IBA.  The General Secretaries of all the Negotiating unions had participated.


3.         It has been submitted emphatically from the Unions side that :


            [a]        Workforce will continue to deal with the Bank only.

[b]                   [b]  Wherever the existing schemes are better than the Industry level understanding that should not be disturbed.  It was expressed that the existing scheme        available at Bank of India and State Bank of India are better in content.

[c]                    [c]It has been agreed to include Domiciliary treatment and the new inputs submitted by the Union.

[d]                   [d]Ways and means to include the workforce after they superannuate from the employment of the Banking Industry and also family pensioners to have hospitalisation coverage.


4.         4.     While folding up the meeting, it was expressed that efforts will be made to roll out a better scheme in the current wage revision exercise, by appropriately including the suggestions received from the unions.


FOUR OFFICERS’ ORGANISATIONS MEETOn 19th afternoon, the representatives of Four Officers’ Organisations met to take the stock of the situation and also to present the view points of officers’ organisation in the UFBU meet held in the evening.  It was felt that the offer of increase gained so far is certainly falling short of expectation.  Regulated working hours, 5 days week and improvements in the Disciplinary and Appeal Regulations are to be clinched in the present exercise.  Every effort should be made to take forward the call of agitation by a unanimous decision of UFBU.  Com.Alok Khare, Vice Chairman, Com.S.S.Shishodia, President and the undersigned participated in the meet.


5.         UFBU MEET


The UFBU meeting was held at State Bank of India, Overseas Branch, World Trade Centre, Cuffe Parade on 19th January 2015 at 17.30 hrs.  The meeting was chaired by Com.K.K.Nair, Chairman, UFBU.          


The representatives of all the constituents of UFBU attended  this important meeting.  AIBOA was represented by Com.Alok Khare, Vice Chairman, Com.S.S.Shishoida, President and the undersigned in the meeting.


The meeting deliberated in detail the events right from CLC[C] meet at Delhi on 5th January 2015, followed by the twists and turns in the scenes unfolded in the IBA meet on 6th January 2015 and ultimately arriving at the unanimous decision to defer the strike on 07.01.2015, in the background of the assurance of IBA to convene the meeting within 10 days to take forward the discussion for conclusion by mid February 2015.


In view of the Chairman, Negotiating team IBA interacting with the Convenor UFBU expressing and sharing the concern to arrive at the conclusion of the wage negotiation, , communications emanated from IBA to Convenor on two successive days assuring to conclude the wage revision exercise by mid February 2015, made the collective decision of putting on hold the 4 days strike action as an interim step.  It was also decided that in the event of IBA failing to revise upwardly / substantially, the percentage in PSC, in the proposed meeting, subsequent to the Managing Committee of IBA in the first week of February 2015, the constituents have unanimously resolved to implement the continuous strike action of 4 / 5 days in the month of February 2015.


It was also decided to prioritise regulated working hours and 5 days a week along with the clinching of the impending wage revision.



To make it amply clear, that the meetings held on 14th and 19th with “officers and “workmen organisations were issues listed in the Charter of Demand and not the quantum increase of “payslip components”.


Please don’t fall prey to the false messages spread by individuals / certain vested interests to wreck the solidarity of the TU’s in the Industry, which is the forerunner for the “Central Trade Unions” in the country.


We all have to preserve, protect and promote the unity, as the attacks on jobs and job security is going to be with more velocity and sharpness, in the background of “Gyan Sangam” held at NIBM, Pune in the first week of January 2015.


With preparedness to face the challenges.


Yours comradely,





January 15,2015






Dear Comrades,





While concluding the 15th round of discussions on 7th Jan,2015,it was mutually agreed to discuss the issues listed in the charter of demands of respective categories in a small committee and also the Hospitalisation Scheme. Accordingly, three committees have been formed by IBA to address the issues pending for resolution and the information was also released by IBA in this regard.


In this background, the subcommittee to address the issues of the officers met on 14th Jan,2015 at IBA office, Mumbai. IBA team was led by Shri. Ashwini Kumar, Chairman Dena Bank, Shri. V.S.Krishna Kumar, CEO Canara Bank, Shri. Shalilesh Verma, CGM, SBI, Shri. M.V.Tanksale CEO IBA, Shri.K.Unnikrishnan.Dy.CEO IBA ,besides officials of HR department of IBA.


The officers' subcommittee was led by Com.K.K.Nair,Chairman UFBU/General Secretary INBOC, Com. G.V .Manimaran, Vice President AIBOC, Dr.S.U.Deshpande,General Secretary NOBO besides the undersigned representing our organisation.


In three hours long discussions, the following issues have been taken up for a detailed presentation from our side. [1]. Discipline and Appeal Regulations- Amendments,[2]. Regulated Working Hours and [3]. 5 days working.


 On Discipline and Regulations, this round of discussion is second sitting, which centered around the implementation of the earlier decisions of IBA pending with Government ie CVC jurisdiction to Board level appointees and one level below the board level appointees, time limit for the disposal of the Appeals and submission of the Appeal by the officer directly to the Appellate Authority instead of routing through Disciplinary Authority, guidelines on Revocation or continuation of suspension, classification of Misconduct, Effects of Punishments, Removal of the restriction on number of cases to be handled by Defence Assistance, extension of defence by Retired officers etc were presented by the team. A special emphasis was placed that the Accountability Policy in the matter of credit decisions should be more of officer friendly to facilitate the officers to take decisions to develop the business of the Banks. The experts engaged by the Bank ie Legal Advisers, Valuers and CAs are in one way or other instrumental in the retail advances getting into crisis in most of the Banks. Officers are to be protected from this work situation prevailing by and large in all Banks.


On Regulated working hours for officers, a detailed document supported by the communication from government of India, RBI decision to have flexi hours with 8 hours of work and IDBI circular on the captioned subject that 44 Hours of work per week was presented to the IBA team. Our presentation was more focused to evole a scientific manpower policy and also exploring the possibility of technology enabled solutions for completing day end activities at the back office. There were strong observations about the officers not staying in the headquarters and also the branch functioning on consecutive holidays by the IBA team. Our team was more emphatic for defined working hours rather than for any alternative compensatory concept to be brought in as a part of the package.


On 5 day working, it was informed  by the IBA team that Chairman IBA has already taken up with Government and development in this regard will be communicated to us in due course of time. While folding up the discussions, at the end, there was an Appeal made by the CEO IBA that the proposed strike action would alone precipitate the solution to the situation. It was further informed that the proposals would be placed before HR Committee of IBA and subsequently to be placed before Management Committee for arriving at an appropriate understandings.


Comrades, we have been given to understand that there is a communication emanated from IBA addressed to the convenor UFBU, assuring to arrive at the conclusion of the present wage revision discussion on 15th Feb,2015,which was also earlier expressed  by Shri. Rajeev Rishi, Chairman, Negotiating Team IBA on 7th Jan,2015. The other two sub committees are scheduled to meet on 19th Jan 2015 at 10.30am and other one at2.00 pm at Mumbai. UFBU has convened a meeting at Mumbai on 19th Jan 2015 at 5.00pm to take stock of the situation.


AIBOA stands for clinching the issue of Regulated Working Hours,5 days working, Amendments to Discipline and Appeal Regulations and Reasonable and Respectable wage increase commensurate with Risk, Responsibility, Accountability and Transferability of officers community.


Await for further communication,


Yours Comradely,



Circular No.2/VI/2015

January 8, 2015








Dear comrades,


Ø           WAGE REVISION –15th ROUND




Prelude to the meeting at IBA office on 6th January 2015, CLC[C] convened the meeting of UFBU and IBA to break the deadlock after the November 12,  and 4 relay Zonal strikes in the first week of December 2014, on 5th January 2015 at 15.00 hrs at  New Delhi.


AIBOA, was represented by Com.S.S.Shishodia, President and Com.Sanjay Khan, Joint Secretary in the conciliatory meeting.  On behalf of the Unions, it was submitted that the action of the IBA seeking the revisiting of the mandate by member Banks was highly provocative one resulting in announcement of the strike action on 7th January 2015.  IBA has expressed that the action initiated was based on the Managing Committee decision.  However, IBA expressed their desire to have further discussion on 06.01.2015 itself.


Keeping alive the spirit of bilateralism, it was decided to participate in the 15th     round of discussion on 6th January 2015 at 15.00hrs.


A ray hope on 6th January 2015 discussion:


In the discussion held at Mumbai on 6th January 2015 IBA team was captained by Shri Rajeev Rishi, Chairman, Negotiating team [CBI], Shri Ashiwini Kumar, Chairman, [Dena Bank], Shri Arun Tiwari, Chairman [UBI], Shri Ashwin Mehra, DMD [SBI], Shri B.Rajkumar, ED [IB], Shri M.V.Tanksale, CEO [IBA], Shri K.Unnikrishnan, Dy.CEO[IBA] and officials of HR Department, IBA.  11 Unions have participated in this round also.  While sharing the developments in the Banking Industry, on wage issue, they initially proposed 0.5% increase and in turn insisted to bring down our demand substantially.  After protracted discussions amongst the representatives, backwards and forward, for a period of nearly three hours, in response to the IBA offer of revised offer of 12.5% to take forward the talks further, the demand stands revised to 19.5% from our end.


Keeping in view of the “a step forward” development, the intention to shelve the issue of revisiting mandates by IBA after a due process and to continue the discussion on 7th also resulting in, deferment of the  one day strike action on 07.01.2015.


Discussion continued on 07.01.2015:


The adjourned dialogue process commenced at 10.45 hrs.  Keeping the trend of discussion and the developments, Unions insisted for expeditious conclusion of the talks within a time frame with substantial enhancement in the % of PSC.  While   responding Chairman Negotiating team IBA, expressed that the discussion to take a definite shape by mid February by holding periodical discussions and agreed to sort out the issues by constituting small committees.  The issues listed for discussions in the small committees are :


[a]          [a]  Hospitalisation scheme backed up by Insurance tie up , without any ceiling.

[b           [b]  Regulated working hours, Discipline and Appeal Regulations, 5 days working etc.

[c]          [c]   Issues of award staff / officer staff listed in the Charter of Demands.


Discussion on Pension:


The issue of Family pension, 100% DA for retirees prior to 01.11.2002 and also updation of Pension were taken up, besides restoring the “old pension scheme” for the new recruitees joined the services of the Bank after 01.04.2010.


IBA, while sharing their concern to resolve the matter of reitrees, ultimately expressed that the quantum of money counts to decide these issues in totality.


The future programmes of actions depend upon positive, satisfactory and sincere reciprocal approach in the discussion expected to be scheduled to take place shortly.


Hence a small step towards possible resolution.


Yours comradely,





Circular No.1/VI/2015

January 1, 2015







Dear comrades,




Ø        IN 2015 – WE ARE TO HAVE THREE L’s.


A mere stroke of a midnight clock does not intrinsically effect any change.


The global meltdown of 2008 still continues to dominate the International Economic scene and the USA continues to reel under serious economic pressures.  Terrorism abated by USA in destabilising various countries viz., Arab Nation, Syria and Israel.  Due to internal strife, the peace otherwise prevailing in the African Nations are slowly disappearing.  European Union is consistently interfering in the internal matters of Ukraine and the peoples’ desire to realign with the independent Russia is derailed by promoting destabilisation process.  Tamils living in Srilanka continue to suffer from atrocities committed against them and the repeated appeals from the centre to provide relief has been conceded after considerable time lapse. International diplomacy has paid limited and delayed response to relieve the pains of the Indians living in Srilanka.  Pakistan, a country controlled indirectly by Military backed by civilian group sworn by democracy, but often thrown out by continuous upsurge of one or other group to kill the peace loving citizens of  that country.  The recent massacre of 132 children in the school premises by extremist   was condemned worldwide,


Let’s Look at Acts of departures within our Nation:


The people’s belief that “good days are ahead” after the  massive corporate high voltage campaign giving the mandate to BJP with “282” MPS, as the single largest party after 30 years of coalition politics, slowly evaporating due to loss of faith in the good governance, an oft repeated slogan.  GDP rate has come down by ½%.  There is a recession and industrial production is continuously slowing down.  The promise of publishing the names of black money holders remains unfulfilled.  The impression gained in G 20 and subsequent action of accepting the conditionalities stipulated by USA depicts the reality vis-à-vis impression.  The reduction in spending in the social sector is demonstrating the shift in the policy of the Government. NREGP programme being skewed, leading to large scale disapproval from the rural masses. The subsidy available to consumers is linked to unique AADHAR scheme, adding lot of work at various delivery points. The subsidy available on consumption of kerosene was totally withdrawn unmindful of protest from the people living below poverty line. The concept of Self Help group and the benefits granted are given go bye. Practically SHG have been dismantled.


Labour is at the receiving end.  More liberal laws favouring private entities are forcing the Trade Unions to close their ranks and struggle to retain the present position in the country.  Even the TU having the direct relationship with the ruling Government experience the heat of strangulated working conditions.  The massive conversion carried out by religious outfits in Northern part of country and silent support by the ruling group  and the retaliatory moves by other group of minorities likely to throw a new regime of instability forcing the “TUs” to play the role of catalyst to maintain religious amity and tolerance. Ordinance route is best way of escaping to face the democratically elected members questioning the proprietary of the action of promulgation.  Insurance sector allowed to be utilised by FDI prior to Shri Obama’s visit to India on 26.01.2015, dismantling the 65 years old planning commission and also abolition of collegium to select the people to occupy the office of judiciary are some of the glaring acts of departures in the past year.


In our Banking sector, bad loan burgeoning is creating tremendous pressure on the working of PSBs.  Court intervention is being sought to define ‘wilful default” of Bank loan.  The great Indian Bank robbery is taking place, bending the rules to accommodate the defaulters by all concerned and ultimately “PSBs” are blamed for the ills of the system in the financial sector as a whole.  Leaving the major stake holder in the “Gyan Sangamam” on 2nd and 3rd January 2015 at NIBM, Pune, Maharashtra, is clearly reflecting the least importance to the TUs operating in the Banking system, by the present rulers, who are strong proponent of “new reform era” without any iota of doubt.


Bank men positively responded to call of financial inclusion from August 2014 till date adding 10 crores accounts and collecting a sum of Rs 8000 crores as deposits by working relentlessly, unmindful of the problems faced by them. Further the impending merger of ING Vysya with another private sector entity, much against principled stand of the unions and also of past practises of the controller of the Banking system. Initially invested a sum of Rs 600 crores or so and repatriating much more they deserve to square up the position in their mother country is also against the approach of the present ruling dispensation of attracting FDI to develop our nation.


The much talked “wage revision” inspite of increasing “gross profit” year after year, eluding a solution after 26 months establish the rigidity of owners/controllers and IBA, as if the workforce is disentitled to have the compensation relating to risk, responsibility, accountability and transferability. We need to seriously take lessons out of our experience to set the tone of negotiations in proper way.


If we need to have this year 2015 to be year of change, technology alone will not make us better and more engaged representative of the citizens of this Nation. We need to LEARN, LISTEN and also to LEAD the People of the country to brighter days through united struggles to have an exploitation free society and secured working environment to all.



Yours comradely,